The German Section of the IPA was founded in 1955.

On February 5th. 1960 the IPA Schleswig-Holstein was founded in the City of Lübeck.

In the same year the chapters Lübeck, Flensburg, Neumünster, Meldorf and Kiel were founded.                                                                                                                                                          

In January/February 1972  IPA friends  from Gothenborg (Sweden) came with STENA Line and asked for a meeting. After this they came back two times in that year for the Olympic Sail Competition in summer and  in December. The German-Scandinavian-Friendshipmeeting was born. Since those days we meet each year. We had different locations in Kiel, in Holm 14 times, in Malente 19 times. In the following years more and more IPA friends came to us. From Norway, Sweden, Finland, later they came from Austria, Turkey, Britaín, Spain, Switzerland, Estonia, Litvania, Russia and Poland. The IPA Germany found that this Meeting is such an extraordinary thing in the IPA Community in Germany and Europe and at the 9. National Congress in Holm they gave Mr. Jürgen Tabbert, who was the Chairman of the Board  in that year, the German IPA Friendship Award for the idea and
implementation of this meeting.

By the way, the second winner of this award in 1985 was Mr. Karl-Heinz Syring from Flensburg. He was awarded for his successful effort to establish the Danish-German Friendship

Chairmen of the Board since foundation of the Chapter Kiel
1960 1969 Hans-Herbert Tietz
1969 1990 Jürgen Tabbert
1990 1995 Viktor Kamenz
1995 2002 Michael "Mike" Tovar
2002 2008 Dieter Teuchert
2008 2017 Sven Pöhner
2017 - Michael Fehrmann