The German Section of the IPA was founded in 1955. On February 5, 1960, the Schleswig-Holstein Regional Group was founded in Lübeck. In the same year the liaison offices Lübeck, Flensburg, Neumünster, Meldorf and Kiel were formed. In January/February 1972 IPA friends from Gothenburg (Sweden) came with the STENA Line to Kiel and looked for the contact. Previously, the meeting had been requested by letter. In the same year two more meetings took place
Encounters (Olympic sailing competitions in 1972 and December). From then on these friendship meetings followed annually with venues in Kiel, Holm (14 events) and Malente (19 events). Over the years, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish IPA friends joined, later participants from Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and even Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Poland.
Already in 1981 the IPA-German Section e.V. classified the annual German-Scandinavian IPA Friendship Meetings as so important in the life of the IPA, in Central and Northern Europe, that it awarded the IPA Friendship Prize in 1981 for the idea and organisation of the International German-Scandinavian Friendship Meetings to the then Liaison Director Jürgen Tabbert at the 9th National Congress in Holm.
By the way, the second winner of the friendship award was the IPA friend Karl-Heinz Syring from Flensburg,
He was honoured for his successful efforts to improve German-Danish relations in 1985.

Verbindungsstellenleiter seit Gründung der I.P.A. Kiel

1960 – 1969 Hans-Herbert Tietz     † 2006

1969 – 1990 Jürgen Tabbert           † 20??

1990 – 1995 Viktor Kamenz

1995 – 2002 Michael „Mike“ Tovar

2002 – 2008 Dieter Teuchert           † 2018

2008 – 2017 Sven Pöhner

2017 –    –     Michael Fehrmann

The Kieler Woche was always an occasion for foreign colleagues to visit.
The first three photos are from 1972, when the Olympic sailing competitions took place in Kiel. At that time we still had female traffic service employees in Kiel who worked as traffic wardens. The last photo on the right, (our webmaster still young dynamic left in the picture) was taken in the mid 70s, the exact date of the pic is unknown.





International Patrol 1972

Meeting with the traffic wardens from the KIEL PD, Traffic Unit, 1972

XX Olympic Sailing Competitions. IPA Kiel Chairman, Jürgen Tabbert. Top row, third from the left.

Kieler Woche In the mid 70s. Downtown with British and Irish Officers