On all IPA websites you will usually find the same content in addition to local issues. What is the IPA, what does it do, etc.? In order to avoid these constant repetitions we have set links to the page of the IPA Schleswig-Holstein and to the statute. On our website we want to show you a bit more about our city instead. Here you will find some photos and links to interesting sites. Kiel is known for many things. So here ends the most frequented artificial waterway of the world, the „Kiel Canal“ as it is called internationally. From Kiel there is a daily ferry service to Oslo and Gothenburg. In the summer half-year an average of 140 crusaders come to the city. The Port of Kiel provides information about this. But not only „big city flair“ dominates the city. In many peripheral areas one finds still real village idyll.
Of course, the city is especially famous for the annual Kiel Week. To avoid confusion, the Kieler Woche ALWAYS takes place in the last FULL week in June. So from Friday (soundcheck) until the next but one Sunday. Those who want to visit the city at that time should book a hotel at least one year in advance. For short-term bookings you have to be very lucky. More information about the city can be found HERE Since there are always requests for ferry connections to Scandinavia, we link to the two ferry lines STENALINE and COLORLINE with which we have been friendly for decades. The photos are copyrighted property of the webmaster. Who ever may be interest in a picture, writes an inquiry


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